Friday, March 6, 2009

Hey Ram! Is Gandhiji Happy?

Vijay Mallya successfully bid for the Mahatmas belongings'. The priceless articles have been finally brought to India by an Indian at a price of USD 1.8 million approximately Rs 9 crore. There was a hue and cry (over the auction) in the media, intellectuals fumed and the young were discussing the pity state of affairs over a drink in the pub. Well, not knowing that the drink they are buying is really helping get the Mahatma's belongings back to India. Without knowing, millions of Indians contributed billions of Rupees, over years, to help Mallya grow. Help Mallya grow to a stage where he can 'save the pride of the nation'.

'Mallya saves Gandhi's heritage', says a header of a television channel, 'Mallya comes to the nations rescue', says the other. On the 140th birthday of the man who changed the world, the memorabilia may reach the samadhi at Raj Ghat but will Gandhiji accept it. Will Gandhiji's soul be happy. Read this, this is what Gandhiji wrote six months before he died.

“I hold drinking spirituous liquors in India to be more criminal than the petty thefts which I see starving men and women committing and for which they are prosecuted and punished… I advocate the summary punishment of those who manufacture the fiery liquid and those even who persist in drinking it notwithstanding repeated warnings. I do not hesitate forcibly to prevent my children from rushing into fire or deep waters. Rushing to red water is far more dangerous than rushing to a raging furnace or flooded stream. The latter destroys only the body, the former destroys both body and soul.”

"I advocate the summary punishment of those who manufacture the fiery liquid..." Well Mahatma the nation is celebrating, the nation is celebrating the successful bidding of Vijay Mallya of your possessions on the land against whom you fought your entire life. The nation is proud for the 'genorisity and patriotism' exhibited by a person who according to you is fit for "summary punishment".

Mahatma do we really need your memorabilia. Mahatma if you were alive, not physically but in the heart and soul of your 'successors', who carry your lastname, would you accept them to be taken to your samadhi.

Hey Ram.....