Monday, September 8, 2008

On which TV was Chiru on 26 Aug?

Week 35 saw one big event in the political and the television history of Andhra Pradesh. Chiranjeevi announced his political party at a public meeting. Lakhs gathered at Tirupathi on August 26 to witness the event but millions were glued to the television set to watch the first ever live performance of Megastar. The real real reality show was watched on television by the State with all the news channels telecasting the show live.

TAM analysis of the five news channels from 1400 hrs to 1930 hrs in C&S 4+ All Sections on August 26 has NTV on the top with 34.35 GRPs, TV9 at 30.7, ETV2 at 27.38 and TV5 at 9.91, and Gemini News at 3.98 GRPs.

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