Saturday, December 13, 2008

Who took law into their hands? Police or Criminals?

Encounter! It is a familiar word for the people of Telangana and more familiar for the people of Warangal district. The word is so familiar that the irate girls in Warangal screamed that the accused who attacked two young girls, Swapnika and Praneeta by acid and greviously injured, be killed in an ‘encounter’.

Instant justice is what the people were demanding. Instant justice because the people think, would act as deterrent. A similar ‘encounter’ in the month of December last year is still fresh in the memory of the people of Warangal and widely talked about those who were afraid that their young ones might be kidnapped for ransom.

People hailed the actions of the police when they killed three persons accused of kidnapping and killing 11 year old Manisha on Dec 26th last year. The kidnapping spree continued till the Warangal police acted and mowed down the kidnappers. To remind you, there was no single case of kidnapping of children reported after the Warangal encounter. Before Warangal, a five year old boy was kidnapped and killed in Tirupati. Another five year old boy from Hyderabad was kidnapped and abandoned in Khammam district.

I am not surprised at the way people reacted when the accused in the ‘acid attack’ case are killed. I am not surprised at the way Varavara Rao and his fellow human rights activists reacted. But one question that remains difficult to be answered is…Who took law into their hands? Police or Criminals?

When Srilakshmi was killed in Vijayawada, the general opinion expressed was that the culprit Manohar was not sentenced ‘appropriately’ and therefore Lakshmi Sujatha, Ayesha and others. The law could not end the kidnaps. The responsibility was on the civil society to react to the crime of the criminals. The civil society failed. The civil society failed to mount pressure on the governments for proper law’s. The civil society failed to sensitize the politicians and the bureaucrats on the need for a law that protects college going girls and un-married women.

It time to act. Its time enact and Act. Enact and Act that does not give scope for the police to take law into their hands. Enact and Act that instills confidence among the police and the girls that the punishment under its provisions will be deterrent. The Act should send chill down the spine of the criminals that punishment under the law is worse than getting killed in an encounter.

Lets act. Lets stop ‘fake encounters’. Lets stop fake encounters that, by default, get sanction from the public. Lets act for an Act. Andhra Pradesh single women (security and protection) Act, 2009. This is not impossible.


sabarisays said...

It is really pathetic that people like you who were supposed to be the forth pillar of the society are supporting the barbarous act of police. If can watch the interview of the deceased rajashekar's father's interview you would not react in this way. It is shameful on the part of warangal police to state that students tried to attack them and in self defense they had to fire. EEmatram criminal history leeni students nunchi kooda tamani taamu rakishimchukooleni police vyavastha manki avasarama? Reepu ee constable ki evari tho godava jarigina jarigedi encounter eega?
PLEASE at least you guys in media try to be responsible.

Anonymous said...

are cowards supporting criminals.Do you feel pouring acid on your daughter a right and forgivable act ?. then u feel u r Mahtma Gandhi. If I will pour acid in the vagina of the woman activists for human rights . does they forgive this and ask me to go through lengthy proedure of courts and criminal procedures.What happened to best bakery case? fool the spectators changed their versions under pressure from criminals. Does this human rights people help them? they are more criminals than these killed bastard criminals by allowing these criminals untouched. ore fool what happened to the criminals who attacked our parliament to kill our all kojja politicians and never got punished even till date? papam Rahul Gandhi cried that the criminals who killed his father never punished till to day even after 17 years after the incident. what is the crime of a innocent girls to have a acid on their faces? I have tears in my eyes when the innocent girls want acid on the face of the criminals even they are not my relatives. the bastrads who blame the police shall give the police the powers of Nostradamus, then police can control the crime. do you feel Police are God to know all actions of criminals in advance?, Do you feel 20000 years old strategy to keep criminals in jail in an isolated place shall cure their criminal attitude? u r a fool to believe this. all judges in confidence and private meetings accept these old and out dated system cannot prevent crime. ore Sambaiah u r son shall leave srinivas to his fate but do u want to make us fools by stating that he is innocent by protecting the srinivas in the middle of motor bike and without knowing the acid bottle? he shall stop or jump from bike and stop and warn others if he is innocent. ore dont make us fools and police victims, they have some limits, thy are under control by law, politicians,media,human rights activists,law of court,threat of life from many angles.w are rally holding their hands tight and asking them to perform. Home minister did a great mistake by suspending them. why dont the minister had a dream of this incident and warned police in advance ? burning the bike is suspicious and may have many reasons but very few suspects an acid attack, does the girls father any time raised this point in writing to the police? why u r blaming police? this will dilute the mistake done by a criminal with help of other criminals. Police are here to help the people. Now they did the right job. They killed to save their most valuable lives. They killed great criminals. Are bastards who are against encounter remember the stone pelting and killing of a great rowdy sheeter by 3 thousand illiterate woman in nagpur Court. what court of law did to this incident and ounished those women. Thanks to VC sajjanar to reduce our effort to protects the interests of the common man who wants a peaceful life. Have a nice sleep with peace. Thanks to Encounter Ramu.

S.Ramu said...

Dear Mr.Sailesh,
I can understand your feelings. I believe that the extra-judicial killings are off-shoot of lopsided laws and corrupt system. If you are a rich man, you can get away easily from any serious crime. You engage a "good" lawyer and he takes care of the rest. What would you do when everybody is trying to avoid law? We don't honour the rules we framed for a better life, we try to use money power to get away from any crime, we don't have concern towards the society. We are happy with middle-age kind of things. Police are no exception and they have also become trigger happy. Who cares ommon man's life? It is a bubble for some IPS officers groomed by the government.
You were talking about these criminals. What about innocet youngsters, whom police brutally murdered branding them as naxalites or their sympathisers? Many breadwinners lost their lives in this blood thirsty game.
Special Correspondent
Mail Today

shaileshreddy said...

Reply to ...Thanks to encounter Ramu.

Dear Ramu, The accused in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case are punished. The accused Mr Rahul Gandhi was referring to is Mr Prabhakaran, and he knows well why the LTTE chief is not (cannot be) punished since he is an MP. I am sure he has to think beyond family when he has to ask the Sri Lankan government to 'launch a air strike or seek the help of the UN' to arrest Prabhakaran. I would like to reiterate that its is the failure of the civil society that makes the encounters like this acceptable.

Recall Rizwanur - Priyanka Todi case. What happened? Priyanka Todi's father Ashok Todi was moneyed, therfore powerful and influential and Rizwanur 'comitted suicide'.

If the civil society sanctions such stage managed 'suicides', then I think Rizwanur's in AP would not have comitted suicide but got killed in 'encounter'.

You questioned "Do you feel pouring acid on your daughter a right and forgivable act ?". No act that hurts the rights of an individual are forgivable. Would you accept if your son or daughter is punished (say by beating black and blue) by a teacher for being indisciplined in the classroom. Your will probably start sermonising on how a teacher should be.

Nobody says, you forgive those who has poured an acid on the innocent girls. Are you not responsible, as a citizen, as a father,as a mother to ensure the saftey of your daughter and son when they step out of home. As long as the laws are weak. As long as the civil society thinks that they are at the mercy of the laws framed by school dropouts, bootleggers, smugglers, land grabbers, factionists and religious fanatics such acts happen.

As I said in my write up. The laws (Acts) should be acting detterent not the acts (like encounters).

veda said...

Is these type of ENCOUNTERs are the remedies. . .?
Really, Directly law can't shoot out these culprits?!
I feel law should change. . . (If not totally. . .) Provided at least some extent. ..
For the sake of culture transformation, changing and modrenising society.

Nagesh said...


Do you think there is a active civil society in our country? we would have been more stronger and self respected as a nation if we got the country's freedom through likes of subash chandra bose rather than Gandhi. What we inherited is just a legacy from British Raj with a difference of brown skin ruling us today. What we see today is pure looting in the name of democracy. There are no citizens in this country but just people living here. Unfortunately Churchill was right in his prediction on what happens when India is given freedom. Hope things change soon as i believe law of karma comes in cycles to finish the evil.